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Jonesboro City Leaders Launch Litter Campaign with High School Students

No buts about it, cigarette litter is a big problem in Jonesboro.

Brandon Carter, who is the digital media specialist for the city of Jonesboro says “cigarette butt litter is actually considered the most littered item in the world. You can walk down any street, you look in the grass, you’re gonna see cigarette butts littered everywhere.”

Nettleton High School partnered with city leaders to help put an end to it. Students used their photography, video editing, and animation skills to produce “The World is Not Your Ashtray” PSAs. Featuring facts and statistics about cigarette butt litter. As well as the penalties litterers face.

According to the animated promo, [cigarette butt litter] can cost you a fine between one hundred and a thousand dollars [in Jonesboro].

Juliet lee and Jakaylon Scott say a lot of time went into making the message stick out to viewers.

“I want them to actually enjoy the video, and be like, woah, how’d they do that. And actually, think about it…listen to the facts. It’ll help them realize that we don’t need to pollute. And keep the community a clean space,” says Scott.

The promos encourage people to place cigarettes butts in ashtrays, and trashcans. Jordan Gaston lent his hands to project.

Gaston adds that “we have to live in this world, and future generations have to. And if we keep littering, it’s just gonna make our world ugly and destroy it.”

Teacher Anita Belew says the work provides the best kind of experience for students.

“They learn how to work with a client. They learn how to work with someone that says yeah that’s good, but I don’t really like that,” says Belew. “They learn how to grow as a person, figure out what they’re resources are, and how to communicate.”

Collaboration goes a step further, with plans to secure grant money for cigarette butt receptacles.


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