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12 Hour Shift Movie Production Wraps up in Jonesboro

It’s lights-camera action on the set of 12 Hour Shift, an indie horror movie centered on nurses that steal and sell organs on the black market. Filmed at the former NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro. Chloe Farnworth plays Regina.

“She is a big lump of chaos, that kind of turns everything upside down,” says Farnworth of her character.

The movie’s Hollywood producers have ties to the natural state. Christina Arquette, married to David Arquette, is from Hope, Arkansas.

“Because the incentives are so competitive in Arkansas, as Arkansans we felt very excited to bring at bringing a film here,” says Arquette. “For us as a low-budget indie, to be approved by the state for local film production was a really big deal. And we hope it’s the first of many.”

The 12 Hour Shift crew’s time in Jonesboro goes beyond making the movie, to becoming a part of the Northeast Arkansas community, buying from local businesses, supporting the schools, and giving new talent a chance to shine.

“We have a lot of people that are locals in the film,” adds Arquette. “And we put out a casting notice locally, because it’s really, important when you’re in a community, for you to be a part of the community.”

Brea Grant is the writer, and director for 12 Hour Shift, optimistic the production will inspire more creatives to film in Arkansas. And that those that watch the film, will want to see more.

“They might get a little scared. I think it’ll be really-exciting,” says Grant. “I think people will walk away thinking it was a really -fun ride. That’s my goal.”

12 Hour Shift is scheduled to premiere this summer.


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