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Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Launches Lake Frierson Project

A handful of staff from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spent the better part of Friday at Lake Frierson State Park. Dumping hundreds of donated Christmas trees, and spider buckets into the water. As part of a habitat project to improve the lake’s ecology.

“This habitat will help to group all the smaller fishes into certain locations where the larger predator fish like large-mouth bass, flat head cat fish, and the saugeye, can come and feed,” says Brett Timmons, who serves as the NEA district biologist for the Game and Fish Commission. “Thus, creating better locations for anglers to come out, and actively catch those fish.”

Timmons says the Lake Frierson rejuvenation efforts will be a big draw for the local economy, boosting the park’s revenue.

“It brings user groups out to fish these lakes, which ultimately brings revenue into the state, with the sales of minas, snacks and gift shops. It brings people in from across the state.” Timmons adds.

Lake Frierson Park Superintendent Matt Manos says for the most part, the park is under-utilized, and creating new habitats, help to bring attention to the amenities it has to offer. Including the kayaks, and paddleboat rentals.

“We hear folks say, “I haven’t been to lake Frierson in 20 years,” says Manos. “We have a few campsites, that folks can come out and enjoy a weekend right by the lake. And, also, we have an indoor pavilion…if you haven’t been to Frierson in a long time, come out and visit us.”

The Game and Fish Commission plans to later cut and dump cedar trees into Lake Frierson, creating as many as seventy-five miniature habitats.

The commission holds one or two lake habitat rejuvenation projects a year. A full list of habitat projects can be found on


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