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Potholes Increase on NEA Roads

Potholes are proving to be bigger problems for drivers in Craighead County this year. For Arkansas State student, Jamaal Rainey, the car craters led to a busted light, and a big inconvenience.

“Some of the streets are riddled with them,” says Rainey. “And you know, you drive, and your car goes, bump, bump. So, it’s almost like you’re on a rollercoaster. I want to be able to drive down the street…. without worrying about messing my car up.”

The last six months have been the wettest in one hundred and twenty-four years, according to officials. That moisture combined with the freezing and thawing cycles of asphalt make the potholes more frequent. Craighead County Judge Marvin Day says his team is working diligently to fix them.

“We’ve been in a class on proper techniques, and alternate ways to patch potholes, [and] lay asphalt,” says Day. “We’re gonna try using stabilization. Lime and flash to improve the quality of our roads.”

Judge Day adds that road improvements likely won’t come immediately. And asks that drivers be patient and take precautions to prevent pothole damage, stressing the need to slow down and avoid tailgating.

State Farm agent Clayton Fletcher says, “it’s better to brake before the pothole, if you’re skidding across the pothole, it’ll lead to more damage.”

Potholes caused fifteen hundred dollars’ worth of damage for one State Farm customer. Fletcher encourages drivers to double check their insurance policies.

“If the tire is the only things that sustains damage, that typically is not going to be covered under most policies,” Fletcher adds, “but if your wheel is damaged. Your suspension is damaged, that’s gonna be covered.”

After hitting a pothole, experts recommend inspecting the tires and wheels first. Drivers are [also] advised to get their cars checked if the steering wheel, feels wobbly. Also, drive on well-traveled, and well-lit roads.


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