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Piggott Mural Becomes A Postage Stamp

Visitors and locals alike crowded in front of the Piggott post office Wednesday for a historic first-day-of-issue postal service ceremony. Celebrating Piggott’s post office mural turned face of a forever stamp. Robert and Susan Bliven traveled from Kentucky to be a part of the experience.

“This is his fourth book, that he’s collected the first day of issue stamps. And plus, others from overseas,” says Susan Bliven, of her husband.

The “Air Mail” mural inside the Piggott post office was painted by Daniel Rhodes during the great depression in 1941. It shows a letter carrier helping pilots load mail bags onto their planes. It’s one of five murals in the country to be turned into a stamp. Which Dr. Aaron Rhodes says is a big honor for his father.

“I’m happy today because I know that he’d be very happy about that,” says Dr. Rhodes. “My father, he was living in a very low economic level…this is the way he made his living.”

At the bottom of the stamp reads Piggott Arkansas, putting the town, on a national scale.

Piggott Mayor Travis Williams says “anything that brings people to Piggott, and brings us recognition, is a great thing for a city like ours. And it’s a privilege for the post office to be recognized, and for all these people to be here today.”

Thirty million copies of the forever stamps have been printed to date. At the Piggott post office, workers say they’ve been flying off the shelves, providing the boost in business they’ve been waiting for.

“I’ve watched through this whole ceremony, my clerks running to pull out more stamps to sell, so it’ll be a big seller for us, and hopefully for the whole state of arkansas,” explains Stephanie Jett, who serves as Piggott’s postmaster. She adds that “Piggott was lucky enough to be selected to have a mural displayed. And we’re awfully proud of it, it gets a lot of visitors.”

The cost of the stamp is fifty-five cents, forever. The stamps can be purchased through the postal store, or by calling 800-STAMP-24.


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