• Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Rotary Club of Jonesboro's Centennial Plaza almost complete

A new Jonesboro gem can be found right off Church Street.

This outdoor semi-amphitheater will be known as the Rotary Club of Jonesboro’s Centennial Plaza.

It is a gift to the Jonesboro community to celebrate the Rotary Club’s 100th anniversary.

Workers can be seen during the day adding finishing touches to the project.

“We gotta get the roof on the stage, some exterior lighting needs to be complete, our rotary emblem needs to be cleaned up and finished and some caulking, minor things”, said Rotarian Jerry Brackett.

Along with the minor fixes, Vince Pearcy is busy creating a mural of the former Hotel Noble, the location of the rotary club’s first meeting back in 1919.

Pearcy is hoping when people see it, they will think of the growth that has happened since then.

“I mean in 100 years there’s countless wonderful things that they’ve done and the amount of growth we’ve experience is obvious”, said Pearcy.

The Rotary Club of Jonesboro decided on this gift to enhance life in downtown Jonesboro. They believe the outdoor venue can be used for a variety of activities, “from weddings to concerts, to the foundation of arts might want to have some performances here, farmers markets, anything that can use an open space", said Brackett.

Once open, the Rotary Club is hoping the plaza will be a major staple for the community, “we just hope that the community takes advantage of it, uses it, and enjoys it”, said Bracket.

There will be an official grand opening and dedication ceremony Friday, April 26th at 4PM.


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