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Patrick Street Project in North Jonesboro Gets Greenlight

Jonesboro city officials gave the greenlight on a major project, adding a sidewalk to North Patrick Street, from the intersection of Belt Street to Johnson Avenue. Reverend Dr. Charles Coleman says he fought for the progress for nine years in the city council.

“My gripe has always been that there’s so many ditches on Patrick, that these kids have a problem, they have to walk in the middle of the street,” says Dr. Coleman. “A lot of people are still dealing with dope and that type of thing. And they throw their needles off into the ditches. And these kids will pick these things up.”

Jonesboro’s grants and community development department provided the funds needed to launch the project this month, along with city engineers. The price tag exceeds four hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Work is expected to begin as soon as contractors sign off. Eventually, the added sidewalk, and drainage improvements will stretch to Lost Creek Bridge.

Hillary Starnes is Jonesboro’s community service manager and says addressing the needs of north Jonesboro residents is a priority.

“We’re all about quality of life…and keeping everyone safe through the neighborhoods,” Starnes explains. “Anytime you can make a neighborhood safer, and make it look more welcoming. That’s what we’re here for.”

The Patrick Street project joins a list of long-awaited changes for the area. Dr. Coleman says he’ll celebrate the victories as they come.

“Still have some community people that’s not satisfied. They want it to go all the way out to Magnolia, but they also want the street to be widened with a center lane, but at this point, I have to admit I’m satisfied,” Dr. Coleman adds.

Further upgrades are planned, one step at a time. The timeline to complete the North Patrick project ranges between twelve and fourteen months.


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