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Jonesboro Greenway Trail Construction Once Again A Go

Jonesboro city officials are moving ahead with phase three of the Greenway Trail project at Craighead Forest Park. Workers are clearing trees and moving dirt along Lincoln drive, to make way for a new bike and walking trail, that will stretch to Harrisburg Road.

“We’re building a trail system to connect the neighborhoods into the new trail out at Craighead Forest Park, to try and get the residents in the area to get out, get some exercise, and use the trail, says Craig Light, who is Jonesboro’s engineering director.

City workers altered the route of the trail, moving it about seven feet from where it was originally proposed, to minimize disturbance to the Pinehill Cemetery grounds, after more people in the area expressed concern.

“We’re basically building the new trail on top of an existing waterline. It’s an area that’s been dug up before, and we’re only gonna go down maybe 12 inches or so,” adds Light. “We’re on public right of way. We’re not on the cemetery property. Trying to be good neighbors to everybody out there.”

The Greenway Trail will eventually tie Craighead Forest Park to downtown Jonesboro. Stephanie Barker is excited to see the headway.

“I’m trying to keep myself active, instead of going home and sitting on the couch,” says Barker, “I just started coming back out here…and it’s the best thing that I’ve done.”

Barker looks forward to the trail improving safety for bike riders.

“I notice that the bike riders have nowhere to ride, in Jonesboro, the long-distance. They are riding on a little tiny shoulder, very dangerous.”

Phase three of the Greenway Trail is anticipated to wrap up in the next two to three months.


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