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NEA Drivers Plagued By Higher Gas Prices

More drivers are feeling the pinch at the pump in Jonesboro, ahead of a travel season that is expected to be even busier than last years. Gas prices now average $2.42 statewide. Up two cents compared with 2018. Fred Smith is a Jonesboro driver that tries to get his money’s worth.

“In this little car right here, since I get about 40 miles a gallon, I usually put in about 20, maybe 30 dollars a week,” Smith says.

Barry Carlton decided that he won’t travel for pleasure this summer to cut costs. He says “I travel 40 miles a day…back and forth to work. It’s 51 dollars a week.”

Higher prices are blamed on lower gas availability. As refineries carry out maintenance to prepare for summer demands.

“The other issue is the rising price of oil. Which yesterday, hit a new four and a half month high, right at out 61 dollars a barrel.”

Gas prices in the region are currently averaging 30 cents a gallon below the national average. But Patrick Dehaan who is the head of petroleum analysis at Gas Buddy says that motorists shouldn’t expect a break just yet. Predicting that prices will continue to climb through May.

“we saw last year gas prices peaked right on Memorial Day weekend before declining in the month of June. I think that’s certainly a possibility this year. So unfortunately, that means we may see several more weeks of gas prices fully rising.

But Dehaan hints that there could be relief afterward. Navid Budhwani encourages customers to take advantage of mobile rewards to stretch the dollars.

“You can gain points with every purchase. And use those points and redeem them for anything in the store. Or gas,” says Budhwani.

Driving defensively, and shopping around are also suggested.


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