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Williams Baptist University Gives Students IPADs, Makes Other Tech Changes

Williams Baptist university is making upgrades to be more mobile tech friendly. All faculty are now toting iPads. Charlotte Wheeless is the chair of the education department at Williams Baptist University and is leading the training.

“Our faculty are using the apple learning academy to earn iPad badges,” she says. “We want this initiative to help them become innovative in the delivery of their content. And for our students to grow in their ability to use the device as a learning tool.”

As part of the mobile learning initiative, students like Blan Williamson will receive his own iPad in the fall.

“It makes things just easy to learn,” says Williamson. “I’m a ministry major, so a lot of our things are downloadable books online, and articles online. As opposed to like, textbooks.”

Each Williams Baptist University student gets to hold on to their iPad, even after graduation. VP of Academic Affairs Brad Baine says it’s a part of a continued effort to increase student success and retention.

“We’re projecting in the fall to have a little over five hundred students on campus. That does not include our online programs, or graduate programs,” explains Dr. Brad Baine.

Williams Baptist is also incorporating apple TVs and expanding Wi-Fi access in classrooms.

“We pride ourselves as a liberal arts university that prepares critical thinkers,” adds Baine. “Along with that, we want to produce exceptional graduates that are ready to engage global and local cultures through a Christ-centered world view.”

Williams Baptist is one of few universities in Arkansas to use iPads as teaching tools, but the movement could catch on quick.


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