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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

UPDATE: Risever Facility Construction

The Risever construction site at Craighead Technology Park that is steel-ing the show.

From a bird’s eye view the progress of the Risever facility in Jonesboro can easily be seen.

The outside of the building is nearly complete.

“Now we just got to get all the equipment inside. The offices are painted. Things are looking very good and this project is moving along very quickly”, said Jonesboro Unlimited Director of Communications, Craig Rickert.

Wednesday construction workers were busy putting up cranes.

Risever is a steel manufacturing plant from China. Jonesboro will be their first facility in the United States.

Rickert says the Risever facility once it’s fully open will be another example of why businesses are choosing to come to Jonesboro, “It sends a message beyond Arkansas that Jonesboro and Arkansas are open for business; not just here for U.S. companies but internationally as well because Jonesboro is such a great place to do business. We have a great work force. We have an educated workforce and that is something that is very attractive to employers”.

Risever is investing $20-million to build this facility.

The doors of the facility haven not opened yet, but the plant is already having an impact on the Jonesboro economy.

“These construction jobs are great. People are staying in hotels. They are here working. This is good stuff and in a few months when this thing gets up and running you are going to see about 130 full time jobs come to town”, said Rickert.

Phase 1 of the Risever facility is expected to be complete this summer.


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