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ROACH Conveyors Expansion to Caraway To Bring Jobs and Economic Boost

Roach Conveyors, a materials and package handling company based in Trumann, Arkansas, is breaking new ground in the city of Caraway, by opening an assembly plant.

“Caraway being, 30 miles or so from most metropolitan areas, there is a local workforce here that we need,” says Mike Roach, who is the Manufacturing V.P. at ROACH Conveyors. “We are needing good, hard-working dependable people….with small town family values. And we believe caraway has that to offer.”

The plant is in a twenty-two thousand square foot building behind the city hall, that sat vacant for twelve years. Roach believes it’s the perfect spot for twenty new hires.

“This Caraway facility here will be doing mostly Amazon work,” adds Roach, “work for amazon’s distribution centers, for their package handling. And their e-commerce.”

The Caraway assembly plant serves as the third location for ROACH Conveyors in northeast Arkansas. And is expected to generate ten million dollars’ worth of products. Caraway Mayor Bo James says he’s excited about the opportunities the opening brings to the area long-term.

“I think it’s gonna open us up for a bank. And maybe a grocery store. It gives us a little bit of hope for our small town,” says James, “I hope this’ll bring us more people….more people that want to build houses here and make this their home. That’s what we’re looking forward to.”

The plant should be up and running by July. ROACH conveyors will likely start the hiring process a month before then.

Jobs are expected to pay an average of fifty thousand dollars a year.


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