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The HUB Seeks Community Help in Providing for the Homeless

The HUB Homeless Resource Center in Downtown Jonesboro helped at least nine individuals go from being homeless, to having stable homes in the last month. Now the HUB seeks the community’s help in providing them with beds and furniture. As well as restocking supplies.

“It’s an amazing thing to need more furniture because we’ve had so much stability taking place, among our people who are normally not stable,” says Gwendolyn Zugarek, who serves as executive director of the Hub homeless resource center.

Zugarek adds that while it’s exciting to see more of the homeless turning the keys to their own place, the demand for furnishings is higher than ever. And the center, can’t keep up.

“Our furniture partners were like, we have no beds left…we have no dressers left. Which is a good problem to have again…but it’s become one kind of one of those needs we need to get met, because people are on the floor now in their new apartments,” explains Zugarek. “It’s hard to feel stable even though you’ve got that new place, when you’re in an empty apartment…with not even a bed in there.”

Aside from furniture, the hub seeks donations of deodorant, razors and hairbrushes. HUB intake volunteer Jena Williams says self-care is more important to the homeless than many think.

“These people have pride in themselves…they want to look nice,” says Williams. “Even if they’re having to camp out every night, they still care about how they present themselves.”

The HUB requests as many donations as possible. Adding that time is of the essence. Zugarek explains that “anything coming in is perfect, because it’s going to go to the people that need it.”

Anyone interested in donating items can take them to the HUB’s location on Union Street, between 9am and 3pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or contact the HUB on Facebook to make special arrangements.

The HUB can be reached at (870) 333-5731.


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