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FBI’s Cyber Division To Crack Down on Crimes

FBI agents from Little Rock made a stop in Jonesboro Arkansas to discuss efforts for cracking down on cyber-crimes and security threats. Now, looking to work with Jonesboro police and other officials to prosecute criminals. The efforts should help victims like Carlton Moore.

“Before all this stuff started…I had enough credit to buy a home, me and my wife. Now I have a credit score of 400,” says Moore. He’s a disabled veteran, whose search for a stay-at-home job, quickly turned into a cyber spoof.

“I got credit cards that the company told me to get. They made payments to these credit cards….and the payments were no good,” adds Moore. “And now I’m in debt to the credit card companies. In the amount of 6700 dollars.”

FBI Staff Operations Specialist Chad Johnson talked how the agency can help individuals like Carlton, as well as large financial companies recover at a Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting.

“We can sometimes image their particular drive and try to do an analysis on our end. Or use some resources that we’ve got up at our headquarters,” says Johnson.

Agents are not only seeing a rapid increase in spoofing attacks, but also in ransomware, business-email compromises, and crypto-crimes. They say an abundance of banks and having a large university in this area, makes Northeast Arkansas, a prime target for criminals.

The FBI created a cyber-crimes task force, but Johnson adds that agents can’t take down bad guys alone.

“We rely on the public to let us know what’s happening. If there’s some new malware attacks out there,” says Johnson.

Those that have suffered cyber-crimes are encouraged to file a complaint on Johnson says a large number of cyber-crime complaints filed through the i-c-3 system, could help speed up their investigations.


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