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Local Tax Professionals Provide Tips for 2019

Joshua Wilson was among a growing number of Jonesboro tax-payers taking the initiative to file taxes early.

“I [came] out here today to see if I could get a little extra money back for my family. So I can go on vacation, and maybe have a little extra fun with them,” says Wilson. “I know everybody’s gonna be getting their w-2’s back, so I wanted to beat them to it.”

Tax preparers say sooner is best when it comes to filing your taxes. Not only can it help you to maximize your refund, but also help you to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

Richard long owns Tax Pro in Jonesboro and is one of several tax preparers that encouraged customers to file before February 15th. February 15th was the cut-off date for federal funding in the event of another partial government shutdown. Long says the 2019 tax season is proving to be positive for early filers.

“I would say 98% of the refunds have been higher. When you consider that you got more back on your paycheck because your withholding was less,” says Long. “When you take that an add it to the refund this year, every single tax return has received more money.”

The process for filing is now streamlined. A change that is especially beneficial for Joshua Wilson and other customers with dependents.

“The increase from 1,000 to 2,000 for the child tax credit has helped everyone with children. That’s 16 and under,” adds Long. “They also bumped up and started paying tax credits for 17-year old’s now. So that’s actually helped.”

Filing itemized deductions from the state could result in an even bigger tax return.

For security reasons, all tax-filers are advised to file directly with the IRS, whether that’s electronically, with a tax preparer, or with tax software or e-file. The deadline to file 2019 taxes is April 15th.


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