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Bizarre video of attempted abduction released, Bond set for suspect

The second video of a woman attempting to abduct a 4 year old child in a Jonesboro mall food court has been released by law enforcement. This is the second attempt by the same woman in the same day of trying to take a child in the name of religion. Earlier in the day 39-year-old Melanie Carter of Marked tree had tried to abduct a 14 year old at an unspecified convenience store. That incident was also captured on video.

The bizarre video shows an altercation taking place behind the support column in the Turtle Creek Mall.

Within seconds the woman can be seen sitting down at a table with the mother and her 4-year-old daughter.

According to the affidavit, Carter began speaking to the girl about being sent by Jesus to save her from her kidnapper,( referring to the child's mother).

Carter then grabbed the child and tried to keep her from her mother.

A nearby witness and mall security were able to intervene immediately.

Today Carter appeared in court on a probable cause hearing.Her husband, friends and family were there in support.

The judge reduced her bond from one million dollars on Friday to ten thousand dollars and required her to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. She was also ordered to undergo an mental health evaluation.

Carter is charged with False Imprisonment 1st Degree and Attempting to restrain two juveniles without any consent.


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