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  • Lon Tegels, Northeast Arkansas News

West end of Jonesboro Experiences Phone and Internet Outage

The west end of Jonesboro is experiencing phone and internet service interruption at this hour and will likely continues at least through 6pm. An AT&T line was cut Tuesday night around 4pm on Mathews just west of Union. Eighteen hundred individual wires are being sliced one at a time by two AT & T workers. They say they spent most of the night digging up and getting to the cut line. This morning they began reconnecting individual lines.

City Engineer Mark Nichols is asking traffic to avoid the area. Once the wires are connected the 10 X 10 hole will be repaired.

One worker told Northeast Arkansas News that 10 years ago, this would have meant the whole west end would be without phone service. Today because of cellphones , the cut probably impacts around 5000 homes with phones. It's unknown how many internet customers are being impacted. . The repairman says its not the largest cut they've experienced but its significant . Workers will continue to work tonight until everyone is reconnected. It's hope all repairs are made within 24 to 48 hours depending on pending weather.



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