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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

LAWSUITS: Dog Trainer is seeing two lawsuits

Where is Ollie?

This is the question Rachel Tyrer has been asking for months.

Her dog Ollie supposedly died from a snake bite back in October, while under the care of Hunter Nelson from 4 Legged Retrievers.

Last week Tyrer was finally allowed to see the grave of Ollie, only to find out the dog buried there was not hers.

“No microchip, not fixed, and then there’s something called dew claws our dog did have those normally (dogs are) born with them and this dog did not”, said Tyrer.

Tyrer has been sharing Ollie’s story on Facebook, where she has found an outpour of support.

“People were asking all over the place ‘How can I support?’ and I was like really I need the support for legal action”, said Tyrer.

This is when Tyrer decided to make a Go Fund Me account to go purely towards legal fees. In just one day the page raised over $1,500.

Tyrer now is working with an attorney to get a lawsuit filed against Nelson, but hers will not be first.

Two weeks ago, attorney Christopher Cheadle filed a case for Gene Adams.

According to the complaint, Adams gave his professional hunting dog “Slick” to Nelson for seasonal training.

The document says Nelson claimed Slick died of a kennel cough and just like Ollie’s story was buried by Nelson.

Hearing about this lawsuit made Tyrer feel more hopeful about getting justice, “You know maybe the courts see more than one case pop up in the next couple of weeks and can kind of help find some answers that way”.

Tyrer is hoping the lawsuits will help give justice for more than just Ollie she said, “I’m fighting for anybody who has had a dog at hunters”.

You can find Tyrer's Go Fund Me page at this link


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