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Business, Communications, Arts and Law Academy Raise Money for St. Judes.

The fundraiser for St. Jude brought it right at $800 Tuesday night . I appreciate all of you who donated money or gift basket items and am most appreciative of the hard work shown by our BCAL Ambassador students. If you see any of the students listed below, give them a high-five or a shout out for their hard work. Also, a huge shout out to Mr. Tarbutton for helping at the fundraiser table last night for 3 hours +, after having already worked a 10 hour school day...proving again why he is the BCAL Teacher of the Month!

BCAL Ambassadors

- Andrew Brown (tied for top ticket sales)

- Izzy Baughn (#1 in advertising)

- Reid Roberts (tied for top ticket sales)

- Tierra Hoy

- Molly Mohajir

- Emily Silas

- Britney Fortson

- Zaria Allen

- Garrett Childers

- Bailey Davis

- Jacob Harrell

- Angela Lovelace

- Cash Maxwell

- Taysia Johnson

BCAL students have raised right at $300 in ticket sales for the gift basket for St. Jude. We anticipate a bulk of the money will be made at Tuesday's basketball games,but we are still pushing towards our overall goal of $1,000. I am attaching the updated list of items, so remember, any of you are able to enter. Tickets only $1 and you don't have to be present to win (no limit). ALL proceeds go to St. Jude. The basket will be given away at half time of the JHS v. Nettelton game Tuesday night. Email me if you are interested. Thank you to everyone who has already donated items/money, or purchased tickets!!

** St. Jude Gift Basket (Promo video produced by JHS The Warning) - ASU Red Wolves grill set - Adidas sports bag

- Red Wolves water canteen and 4 matching coasters - Gift card to La Fiesta restaurant - Gift card and free Blizzards from DQ -JHS apparel

* Golf polo; golf hat; 2 packs of golfballs

* Basketball championship sweatshirt

* Football (items TBA)

- JHS boys & girls autographed basketballs - Louis Vuitton key chain ($200 value) - Gearhead items (hat,shirt, travel coffee mug, lip balm, stickers) - Great Dane items (RealTree hat, flash light, 2 bandanas, targus mug) - 2 Malco movie passes - Free haircut and style at Imagez Salon (Ashley) - Thieves cleaner kit - $50 Honeybaked Ham gift card - RiceTek polo shirt


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