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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Dog owners speak out against local dog trainer

“I just want to know he’s safe mainly. I want to know he’s ok and that (Hunter Nelson) still doesn’t have him”, said Rachel Tyrer.

For months, she has been searching for answers about her dog Ollie.

Back in August, Tyrer gave Ollie to Hunter Nelson, the owner of Four Legged Retrievers for training.

A 4 week stay turned into 11 weeks.

Then Tyrer says she received a message from Nelson saying that Ollie was bitten by a snake, "Early Wednesday morning I was supposed to pick him up from the Corning area from what I understood and at like 3 o'clock in the morning he texted me saying Ollie didn’t make it through the night”.

Nelson told Tyrer he buried Ollie that night, but has not been able to give her documents from the vet.

What makes this even more strange is Tyrer says she never knew where Ollie was being trained, "He wouldn't give me his address. He wouldn't give me crucial information about my dog".

Monday, Tyrer decided to share her experience with Nelson on Facebook and it went viral.

Aaron Winningham saw the post and says the same thing happened to his dog Moose back in May.

“I thought it was just a bad luck thing and you know after seeing all this, bad luck don’t happen to that many people at the same dog trainer”, said Winningham.

Tyrer has received tons of messages from dog owners with bad experiences with Nelson but Winningham’s stood out.

“People say they got their dogs back and they weren’t trained or they were malnourished or they had heart worms. I mean all these different cases and then when I had somebody text me identical words from Hunter, it looked like he copy and pasted the texts. When I saw that my heart just dropped”, said Tyrer.

Winningham is still searching for the truth about Moose.

Wondering if he did die or if he was sold?

“If he did go to a home with say somebody’s got a kid and he’s been with them for the last six months I couldn’t take that dog back, do the same thing that happened to me. But, I’d at least like to know where he’s at and see what he looked like”, said Winningham.

In the meantime, both dog owners are teaming up with others to take legal action.

"We have our evidence and things like that people coming forward and their statements. It will bring a bigger impact and I think it will be more of a criminal case. So we're trying to get that squared away right now and all of that but we are definitely taking action in the next couple days", said Tyrer.

We have reached out to Hunter Nelson for an interview and have yet to hear back from him.


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