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Gentry makes court Appearance

“Just scared for my kids we live so close that it’s just too close to home for comfort.” Says a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

It was a rough start for 2019 for some in Jonesboro.

The Jonesboro Police Department was called out to a barbershop on West Huntington around 1:30 p-m New Years Day.

When they arrived on scene, they found 35-year-old Lewis Gamble with multiple gunshot wounds.

Sgt. Lyle Waterworth - Jonesboro police dept. “officers rendered aid and got him into an ambulance as quickly as possible. Got him to a hospital where he later passed away”

J-P-D says the suspect is 29-year-old Markus Gentry.

Lyle: “they found him at an address in south Jonesboro where he was taken into custody without incident”

According to an affidavit gentry went to the barbershop to confront gamble about something.

Gentry is facing charges for first degree murder and has been given a 5-million-dollar bond.

A prosecuting attorney appeared in his probable cause hearing today pleading for the high bond.

She said Gentry is a self-admitted gang member, with warrants out in Houston, Texas, and convictions on multiple felonies already.

The shooting has left neighbors feeling uneasy about their home.

Another neighbor who also wished to remain unidentified due to fear says, “it’s not typically dangerous but I mean just a couple weeks ago there was a drive by at the same place. Those things are worrisome and that’s why we are looking for a different place”

They are warning people to be careful.

Neighbor: “you better watch your back and be extra careful because you never know now what’s going to happen.”

Gentry will be in court again on January 31st.

Workers from big UNK’s barbershop say they will be having a Candle Vigil for Gamble Thursday night at 6.


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