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Lighting upgraded in downtown lots

Brighter, more efficient lighting is now installed for downtown visitors, as Mayor Harold Perrin continues his effort to illuminate city-owned lots in the heart of the city.

LED lighting is replacing outdated, traditional street lamps in lots off Monroe Street between East and North Church streets, south of the Municipal Center between East and Church streets, north of the Municipal Center by Cate and Church streets, alongside Burke and Main streets across from Chef’s In, and the lot at the corner of Huntington and Union.

Main Street also was decked out in colorful LED lighting to celebrate the holiday season.

Mayor Harold Perrin said the new lighting – which includes decorative bulbs strung last month along Main Street – makes downtown more attractive. He also believes it will comfort those who worried about parking in dimly lit spaces.

“I think this gives us an entirely fresh appearance downtown,” Perrin said. “Our maintenance department worked extra hard to get this project done.”


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