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Walmart Makes An Effort to Employ Veterans

Walmart is making a push to employ more veterans, and their spouses. It gives Melissa McMahon, who is a sales associate, a place to serve in the workforce after her service in the armed forces.

“I was in service for 20 years. I did two deployments within those twenty years,” says McMahon.

Statistics indicate that up to 26 percent of veterans and vet spouses are unemployed. Many veterans that leave the workforce, struggle to fit back in.

“I had to resign from my job,” adds McMahon. “And then they sold the company…so I didn’t have a job to come back to. A lot of things like that happen.”

At the Walmart on east highland drive in Jonesboro, twenty-seven of three hundred and forty sales associates are veterans. Personnel coordinator Tracy Watson believes in giving them a hands up.

“We offer educational programs, we have a lot of different options with our management team,” explains Watson. “Having really good strong team players step in when things aren’t going well is very essential to the success of any store.”

Brad Holifield manages the Walmart Supercenter on East Highland Drive in Jonesboro. He says “The biggest thing is the dedication that [veterans] bring to work every day. The dependability we see with our veterans, and the ability to work them in different areas.”

It plays in well with Walmart’s growth and welfare. The retailer is now shifting its focus to online grocery pickup and expanding digital offerings.

“Looking at things such as delivery in the future. Looking at different ways of serving our customer,” says Holifield. “And our veterans are definitely a big piece of that in helping us go forward in the company.”

For Melissa McMahon and other veterans, the sky is the limit.


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