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American Railcar Recruits for 200 Job Openings

American Railcar Industries is recruiting over two hundred new team members this year. The company is a leader in creating railcars and is one of the largest employers in northeast Arkansas. Taylor Rouleau is a weld instructor at the Marmaduke plant.

“Welding is something that’s taken me from Texas to Louisiana to Arkansas, to Oklahoma.”, says Rouleau. “I’ve worked in many different states. It’s a very valued trade to have. And here is a great company. You can start as a welder and work all the way up to the top.”

American Railcar Industries has an estimated seventy-million-dollar impact in the community, with a thousand employees across four locations.

“We have opportunities really across the board. In many different functions and skill-sets. Including operators in the paint area, sprayers, blasters. We have opportunities in our skills trade areas as well.” Adds Mike Peters, ARI Director of Railcar Manufacturing.

A-R-I Director of Railcar Manufacturing Mike Peters says that increasing the workforce here to meet growing consumer demands, can be challenging for a company the size of ARI. But that it gives them an opportunity to add diversity, and even challenge gender roles. Here, only about twenty percent of the welders are women.

The company provides on the job training. And is targeting local schools for candidates.

“What we’re really looking for is people that want to be a part of a team. People that are willing to come in…put their best foot forward.” Says Mike Peters. “We feel that everyone has a position to play, and if everybody plays their position, we’re going to be very successful.”

Starting pay without skills ranges from fourteen to twenty-four dollars an hour. And is seventeen to

twenty-three dollars.


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