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Show Us the Money

If you didn’t know, you would think noise and racket was the Publishers Clearing House. Members of the Jonesboro Foundation were on a mission to give away thousands. They let anyone within distance hear their excitement.

Its even more rare to hear adults hooting and hollering in the hallways. Today was the exception as the Jonesboro Foundation was giving away money.

Not to just anyone…but to teachers who want to do something special for their students.

Jonesboro Foundation member Jan Ellis says, "this is a great day for us... the Foundation of Jonesboro Public Schools gives grants to teachers that have written a grant proposal. Today we are delivering their actual money”.

The foundation grants range from 300 dollars on up. By the end of the day they will have given away more than $75-hundred dollars.

Micro Society and International Studies School Teacher Haley Jones says she plans to use the money wisely. “I’m going to use my money to by an engineering kit so that our elementary students can learn about engineering process in first thru sixth grades.

Health-Wellness and Environmental Studies Teacher Shelby Bounds received a check for more than $700.00. She will use the money to combine music and art. “Its a student creativity project where we can take different materials and make them sound like different things. Including their artwork we will be able to see and hear what their music looks like.

Another Micro Society teacher, Rose Riley says she was surprised to get the grant. “I'm going to buy Remo Rhythms and adapted bucket drums for African American and Latin American drumming with my students this year

The checks varied as did the projects. In all, ten teachers received awards. In the end, thousands of students will benefit.

The Foundation hands the money out once a year. Teachers apply for the grants. The money must be used for a project or item that wouldn’t normally be covered by the standard curriculum.

Ellis says the Foundation meets the needs of children that cannot be met within the normal school budget.

The foundation makes money for the grants by selling bricks that are placed in front of The Performing Arts Center, $75 for an individual brick or $150 for a family brick.

In addition to selling bricks, The Foundation will have an Awards Brunch October 20th. For more information you can go to


GRANTS FOR SEPTEMBER 2018 1. THE DAY THE MONSTERS CAME TO LIFE The purpose of this project is to allow kindergarten and ninth grade students to collaborate to create felt monsters from original illustrations that the kindergarteners sketch and then to be able to write an original story using the kindergarteners sketch by the ninth grade students. The grant will provide supplies to make felt monsters and write stories. Nena Edmonds – Annie Camp - $397.32 2. ACRYLIC POUR PAINTING The purpose of the cross-curricular project is to expose students to the art and science of acrylic pour painting. Acrylic pour painting is an abstract, nontraditional, contemporary method of painting that requires the integration of science, math, and art content knowledge. Teachers from art, science, and math will collaborate. The grant will provide supplies for the painting. Golden Williams and Jan Annaratone – MacArthur - $944.86 3. SOUNDS LIKE FUN: SEEING ANIMAL SOUNDS! ENGINEERING IS ELEMENTARY Math, science, social studies, and reading skills are enhanced through the real-world problems that are involved with EiE lessons. They will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills as well as their creativity skills, while also learning about animals and their sounds. Grant will provide the Seeing Animal Sounds Kit. Stephanie Richardson – VPA - $373.00 4. A DAY AMONG THE ANIMALS After having 2 units of study with a focus on plant and animal needs and habitats, students will take a field trip to the Memphis Zoo. Through this experience, teachers hope to aid students in creating rich discussions, writings, illustrations, and presentations about various animals and their needs. Admission to the zoo and transportation will be provided. T-shirts were not funded ($954.80) – hoping teachers can find sponsors for these. Shauna Powell, Stephanie Clayton, Brittney Bryant, Denise Webb, Blaire McClellen -JKC- $920.00 5. BUILDING OUR FUTURE This project will help students with a wide range of disabilities in multiple grade-levels learn basic skills through hands-on experiences. The grant will provide stem-related activities. Christina West – Math/Science Magnet School - $501.01 6. SPEAKING AND COLLABORATIVE SKILLS FOR STUDENTS This is a new extracurricular activity – Model United Nations – that will emphasize public speaking skills, writing skills, research practices, and collaboration. The grant will provide money to attend the Arkansas Model UN in Conway. Jessica Enderlin – JHS - $1665.00 7. ENGINEERING IS ELEMENTARY Student will work together in groups on the Engineering is Elementary Curriculum to think more critically and creatively. This will provide more science experiments in chemical engineering units. This will be in enrichment classes – multi-school and multi-grade levels. The teacher has attended training on this curriculum. Play-doh Process Materials Kits will be provided. Haley Jones – Mirco and IS Magnet Schools - $452. 75 8. WHAT CAN YOU “MAKEY-MAKEY”? Students will participate in cross-curricular projects in several grade-levels through music and art class. This will work in conjunction with the school’s theme to music, art, and student creativity and foster collaboration between classrooms. Grant will provide kits for one of the classrooms (two were requested). Shelby Bounds and Sami Simmons – HWES Magnet School - $719.95 9. STEM: SCALE MODELING WITH WORLD BRIDGES Students will build bridges, research dimensions, and determine the scale factors of components of the bridge, and discuss how architects use blueprints to create their designs. The grant will provide 2 K’NEX Real Bridge Building Education Sets.(4 were requested) Joshua Miller – SUCCESS - $462.00 10. BRINGING WORLD MUSIC DRUMMING TO JONESBORO PUBLIC SCHOOLS The World Music Drumming Curriculum will provide a variety of world music, with a focus on music influenced by the African diaspora. The grant will provide curriculum and 9 adapted bucket drums (18 were requested). Rose Schmidt Riley – Microsociety Magnet School - $655.43 Total : $7,094.32


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