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Jonesboro Community Leaders Clean Streets To Honor 9-11 First Responders

A little less than a dozen volunteers started their trash pickup at Northside Park in Jonesboro, before moving to cedar heights and nearby neighborhoods. The group invested over an hour into picking up all the trash they could find.

Jonesboro volunteer program specialist Chelsea Chapman organized the cleanup to help beautify the city and provide neighborhood outreach. Chapman says she has a special connection to 9-11, as her uncle, worked in the world trade center at the time of the attacks.

Chapman says the 9-11 beautification project honors 9-11 first responders, as well as those here in Jonesboro.

“Because of how committed they are to the community, I decided that I would get a couple of people with me that I know that are committed to the community. So just being able to show that commitment. And showing how important our community is…and how important the citizens are...I feel like it matches the same ideals as the first responders.” says Chapman.

The neighborhood trash pickup is a first-time event for chapman. She’s hoping it will drum up interest in getting more people involved in cleaning and caring for their community.

Anyone interested in organizing a cleanup is encouraged to contact Jonesboro city officials.


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