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Kroger's Plastic Bag Measures Impact Northeast Arkansas Shoppers

Kroger announced plans to dump single-use plastic bags at all locations by 2025. Several Jonesboro customers support the grocer’s efforts to go green.

“It’s probably a good idea to try something different. I can see in the long-run, as far as environmental concerns…because you see them floating, or blowing down the highway or across the parking lot,” said Joshua Niswonger, a local shopper.

“We use cloth bags…we already use them when we grocery shop at Aldi’s…they don’t do bags period,” said Elizabeth Conatser.

Local landfill representatives are also in favor of Kroger’s plastic ditch.

In a press release from Kroger, officials stated that roughly one hundred billion single-use plastic bags are thrown away in the United States each year, and that less than three percent of those plastics, are recycled. Which means that ninety five percent of them end up places like the NEA Regional Solid Waste Management, a landfill in Paragould.

Solid waste director Jason Wolfenberger says the market for plastic is disappearing. but that’s its becoming more-costly to manage.

“we have to pay someone to come out there and pick up the plastic sacks that are blown everywhere. up in trees etcetera. We usually pay four people a half a day’s work. you know.-sixty four dollars, half a day. for four days a week,” said Wolfenberger.

Still, some Kroger customers aren’t ready to see the bags go away.

“I like the plastic bags better…because they can handle your stuff better. you ain’t got to worry about stuff falling out your sack.” said Tammy Starks.

“They’re gonna wind up selling you plastic bags for ten twelve cents. That you’re gonna have to pay for to take your groceries home,” said Cubie Wilson.

They say alternatives like paper bags may not be enough.


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