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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

New Harrisburg Police Chief Has A Plan For Police Department

“When I first started out I didn't think I’d stick with it very long. I thought well I’ll do it a few years until I figure what I want to do when I grow up.”

Fast forward nearly 14 years…

Cassie Brandon is now chief of the Harrisburg Police Department.

While she was not planning on being the department’s first female chief, she is hoping it will inspire others.

“I’m proud of the distinction I think it’s pretty neat. You know law enforcement can definitely use a much larger female presence and I hope that this would inspire maybe little girls where they can say ‘oh I can do that job’.”

Brandon has been in her new position as chief for almost a month. She has spent the last few weeks learning how the department works and seeing where they can improve.

“The radios we need a radio upgrade bad. A digital system where we can communicate better with each other and with dispatch. I’d like to put laptops in the cars, so officers can get on the e-site program and do their reports in the cars. That will keep them out in the field where they’re out there seeing what’s going on,” added Brandon.

Before accepting the position as chief, Brandon worked at Jonesboro’s police department.

Harrisburg mayor, Randy Mills, says her knowledge on advanced technology and training from JPD make her a great fit for HPD.

“She’s going to improve our department and make it safer for our policemen, and I am happy with her.”


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