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Walnut Ridge Prepares For Fall Movie Premiere

Walnut Ridge is not just home for Libby Allison. It is now the place where she made her acting debut.

“So you’re doing it over and over and over but it was a wonderful experience I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” said Allison.

Allison is the female lead for the feature film, “Hello, Are You There?”.

The movie tells the story of a mother and son who find an antique phone that receives calls even though it’s not connected.

“And on the other line is some people from the past who don’t know him either but for some reason they are connecting to him through that phone,” said Michael Jason Allen, director.

Filming happened back in May across Walnut Ridge, Allen’s hometown.

Allen says he did his best to keep the cast and music filled with local talent.

Since hello, are you there is filled with familiar places and faces, some of the characters are hopeful it will do well once it’s released.

“Because it’s a community I think a lot of people will go see it because people want to see their family act and they wanna see a movie that was actually produced in a smaller town like this,” said Olivia Palmer, who is also in the film.

Allen is expecting to have a premiere for the film this November.

One of the actors, Samuel Hilliard hopes the community will come and see the crews hard work.

“I want them to enjoy the film. I want them to come out and to see what Jason and everybody on set has worked so hard to achieve. And ultimately as an actor I really just want to tell a good story. I want to give a good performance and I want people to enjoy it,” said Hilliard.

While the movie will not be released until this November, you can go online to see the trailer at

The tentative premiere date is November 3rd.

There will be showings in walnut ridge and either Paragould or Jonesboro.


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