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Ironhorse Responds to Hep A Alert, All employees get vaccinations

As our loyal customers know

well, our goal at Ironhorse Barbeque Company is to make each and every meal we prepare and serve a special one. And that we do, which is how our restaurant and catering operations have built a reputation for excellence going on 16 years. We are forever indebted to you and all of the other folks who have contributed to the success and popularity of Ironhorse Barbeque & Catering, and want you to be assured that your well-being is our foremost concern – that and tasty, mouthwatering food.

Recently, we discovered that one of our employees – a bus person – was diagnosed with hepatitis A. This is something we take very seriously, and appreciate that such a diagnosis can be quite worrisome to you and the rest of our diners. Of course, because your safety and good health are our priority, we wanted to get in front of this issue by way of this announcement.

Cutting to the chase, the chances of you having contracted hepatitis A in our restaurant from the employee in question is highly, HIGHLY unlikely. The bus person was not a kitchen worker or a server and had NO food handing responsibility whatsoever. This is crucial to know because the virus is spread-at least in the context of foodservice- by consuming food or drink that has been handled by an infected person. Again, the bus person did not handle or have control of any of our customers’ food or drinks while on the job other than to gather it after consumption.

Having said that, you can be confident that Ironhorse Barbeque & Catering is a safe and spotless place to eat, even more so now that we’ve implemented proactive measures to ensure that we will never be confronted with a hepatitis A scare going forward. All of our existing employees have been appropriately vaccinated and, as a matter of policy, all new employees will require vaccinations prior to beginning work at the restaurant. Truth be told, we may be the only eatery in town with such strict health mandates.

When you come to Ironhorse Barbeque & Catering, you’re guaranteed a great meal- whatever it is you order. Rest assured, we promise to serve you that meal in an environment that is as pristine as our food is delicious.

All our best,

The Aronson Family & The Ironhorse Crew

For more information contact:

Dave Aronson IRONHORSE BARBEQUE COMPANY 2108 Linwood Dr Paragould, AR 72450 (870) 240-4495


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