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Fowlers Donate $750,000 to Arkansas Children's Hospital

“My youngest son was a patient when he was six weeks old. Then youngest daughter is a patient. I became a patient in 2013 with my cochlear implant,” said Chris Fowler.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital used the Fowlers’ donation to purchase its building on Carson Street. President Marcy Doderer confirmed the Jonesboro clinic’s expansion will include more pediatric sub-specialty care, and cardiovascular services.

“We’re expanding clinic space, but also expanding what we call the diagnostic and treatment services. So those clinical and ancillary services…we’re adding a hearing booth, so we can fully deliver audiology services here. Adding treatment rooms for respiratory function and testing. And those kinds of things,” said Doderer.

Since the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Jonesboro Clinic opened in 2012, staff have seen a sixty percent increase in patient visits. With over five thousand visits in just the past two years.

The Jonesboro clinic is said to save patients 700,000 minutes of drive time, that would be spent traveling to Little Rock. That fact fuels the Fowlers’ desire to donate.

“If they can be close to home…and just have to drive across town, or thirty to forty minutes…and know that they’re going to get to go home immediately after that…that’s huge. And that’s gonna have an impact on the care and the success of the treatment of that child,” said Kim Fowler.

Existing services include pediatric care for infectious diseases, ear, nose and throat and more. Clinic expansion is scheduled for early 2019.


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