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Stolen Truck Leads to an Arrest

On 7-31-2018, Poinsett County Dispatch received a call from Roy Guthrie who stated that someone had just stolen his truck from his shop in Waldenburg, AR. He further stated that the suspect and his truck was traveling North on Highway 49 towards Weiner.

At 2032, Poinsett County Dispatch received a 911 call. The caller said that a Red Ford truck just wrecked on Highway 49 in front of Riceland. Members of the Weiner Fire/Rescue and deputies responded to the scene. When Sgt. New arrived, he observed the stolen vehicle on its side in a ditch on the West side of Highway 49. He then observed a Fire Fighter standing near a man in the ditch on the East side of Highway 49. He determined Christopher Ford was the driver of the vehicle.

After Sgt. New made contact with Ford, he noticed Ford was very unsteady on his feet and had a very strong odor of intoxicants coming from his person. After a thorough investigation was completed, it was determined Christopher Ford was the driver of the stolen vehicle. Ford’s reasoning for stealing the truck was that his vehicle had run out of gas. It was also determined on the scene that Ford was intoxicated, driving a stolen vehicle, and in possession of marijuana.

The vehicle that Ford had been driving, before he stole the complainant’s truck, was sitting in the road on Highway 49 South of where Ford wrecked the stolen truck. Two long guns were in the back of the vehicle. Ford is on Probation and not allowed to be in possession of any type of firearm.

Christopher Ford, 29, of Harrisburg is charged with Theft of Property (Vehicle), Possession of Firearms by Certain Persons, Driving While Intoxicated, Reckless Driving, and Possession of a Controlled Substance (Marijuana). Judge Ron Hunter set a $100,000 bond on Ford during his Probable Cause Hearing.


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