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Senior Olympics Torch Tour Rides Through Jonesboro

Brenda Moore carries the torch for Arkansas’ Senior Olympic Games, not just on the track, but as part of her daily life. The 63-year-old disabled veteran competed as a cyclist in the Senior Olympic State Games for five years.

“In 2015…I drove to St. Paul Minnesota, and competed in the national Olympics. Came in 26th in the nation in my age group. And last year I went to Birmingham, and came in 12th in the nation in my age group.” “I’m a disabled vet…you can see the k-t tape on my knee. And so my disabilities.. as long as I’m riding, keeping my joints lubricated…I’m out of a wheelchair.”

Arkansas’ Senior Olympics offers competition in more than twenty sports, including basketball and badminton. And even offers recreation like bean bag baseball.

The big focus this year is getting people more involved in the games. Organizers lowered the age of entry from 45 to 40. In total, they are around a thousand participants from across the state. And this year, they’re looking to double that, in time for the Little Rock games.

Executive director Greg Eberdt says the games not only provide athletes a chance to be fit, but develop friendships, and support systems. All athletes compete within a five-year age group.

“It’s just staying active…and people are really excited, to be around people their own age. Or even older, or younger. And get to see what other people do, and how they live their life. So it’s just an inspirational gathering, of a lot of great people,” said Eberdt.

The Arkansas Senior Olympic Games are held in Little Rock this year. Athletes 50 and older can qualify for the national Senior Olympics in Albuquerque.

A full schedule of events, and how you can participate can be found on


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