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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Motorcycle Torch Ride Stops In Jonesboro For Fallen Soldier

On May 21st, 2009, Barbara Brooks’ life took a turn she never expected.

Her son, Paul F. Brooks died in Iraq from a suicide bomber.

“It changes your life. No one, no parent ever should bury a child.”

Brooks was an army staff sergeant. Now 9 years later, he is getting some new recognition. He is going to be one of the stops on the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride.

This motorcycle ride is a 19-day trip and covers 3,500 miles, while making stops to dozens of families of fallen soldiers.

Mrs. Brooks says it means so much that they chose her son to be one of the stops.

“It’s nice to know people remember. That’s I guess the biggest fear you could have is that he would be forgotten? We just need to know that he’s remembered and honored, and they realized what he gave up for our country.”

The torch ride starts in Eugene, Oregon and finishes at the Arlington national cemetery in Washington DC.

The motorcycle group will be meeting at the Jonesboro Elks Lodge Monday at noon to honor Sergeant Brook’s family.

The Elks Lodge will be providing a special lunch for the riders.

They are doing this as a way to say thank you for honoring the fallen soldiers like this.

“Every time, every chance we get we want to give back to our veterans for their service to our country and show our appreciation and gratitude for what they do for us,” said Jeremy Frake of the Elks Lodge.

Everyone in the community is welcomed to take part in the event.

Mrs. Brooks wants to remind people to not forget the sacrifices of those lost in service.

“Honor our fallen. Don’t forget them and not just my son but all of them”

Any motorcycle riders are welcome to ride alongside the torch ride as they make their way to their next stop in Memphis.


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