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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

St. Bernards Launches Medical Exercise Rehab Program

“When you go in for chemo and radiation you sit there and take it but with this it’s empowering and offers the opportunity to fight back,” said Norm Judd, medical fitness manager for St. Bernards.

Susan Baltz is one of those people joining that fight. Baltz is in her third week of St. Bernards’ new medical exercise rehab program.

Baltz has suffered from both a stroke and breast cancer within the last few months. For her this class has been great for her recovery.

“You would have absolutely the best workout in your area,” said Baltz.

The medical exercise rehab classes are twice a week for 12 weeks. Each member gets a personal trainer to work with them. They do not just focus on fitness though.

“One of the things we survey them on is fatigue and pain as well as quality of life and anxiety and depression and we see those scores improve over their training cycle,” added Judd.

Saint Bernards also is launching a new cardiac rehab program.

They have partnered with Pritikin to give a class that goes beyond the traditional cardiac “exercise based” rehab.

“It is a comprehensive, lifestyle approach to rehabilitation. Which has really never been done before, until recent years and certainly not here in Northeast Arkansas. We now will be looking at exercise, nutrition, and healthy mindset,” said Nancy Owens, program coordinator.

Each member will meet one on one with dieticians, mental health professionals, and go through four demos.

“I think it’s going to really change people’s lives and change their quality of life, change their length of life and that is the best thing we could possibly hope to offer,” added Owens.


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