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Tommy’s Express Car Wash Breaks Ground in Jonesboro AR

Haag Brown Commercial, along with longtime Jonesboro community members Nick Warren, George Stem, Sean Stem, and Ryan Kibler, are excited to announce the official groundbreaking of Tommy’s Express Car Wash, a new high-end express car wash facility that will be located on the old Sears parking lot in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

“Tommy’s Express is not just another car wash. It is modern, it’s fast, and it’s been designed from the ground up to give our customers the best express wash they’ve ever had. It goes above and beyond people’s picture of a car wash and the change it is going to make to the Jonesboro market is unequivocal.” Ryan Kibler | Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchisee

Located at 1821 S. Caraway Road, near Kroger Marketplace, this will be the franchise’s first location in Arkansas.

“We are thrilled that the state’s first Tommy’s Express facility will be on Caraway Road in the heart of Jonesboro’s retail market. The facility is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and we are excited for the Jonesboro community to experience the exceptional services Tommy’s Express provides.” Nick Warren | Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchisee

This announcement comes less than one year after Haag Brown Commercial released the sale and re-development plans for the former Indian Mall at the intersection of Caraway Road and Highland Drive.

Tommy’s Express is the first of 3 deals pending on the reconfigured out parcels to have crossed the finish line.

“When we were first approached about putting a Tommy’s Express Car Wash on the Indian Mall re-development, I couldn’t see how the brand was any different than the other car washes we already have in Jonesboro. It was not until we physically flew to Joplin, Missouri to take a look at the concept in action that I realized we have nothing even remotely like it in our city. I think people are going to be overwhelmingly surprised by Tommy’s capabilities.” Joshua Brown | Haag Brown Commercial Principal

The new facility will feature a visually impressive building design paired with Tommy’s Express exclusive, state-of-the-art car wash technology.

Oversized bay windows will provide a view into the system as it operates, carrying vehicles along a 130’ “Tommy Transporter” dual belt conveyor system able to accommodate a wider variety of vehicles than traditional car wash conveyors.

Soft cloth brushes, tire shine service, hot wax, and a powerful underbody flush round out the service with total wash time, from entrance to exit, averaging only 2-3 minutes. Self-serve interior vacuums stations will be available for customers on site.

Using a mobile app, Jonesboro customers will be able to purchase and manage Monthly Unlimited Club Memberships to gain automatic admittance to the wash through exclusive member lanes equipped with high definition license plate readers.

“It is extremely rare to see an establishment that is so incredibly different than every other competitor in its field. With amenities like license plate readers and wider conveyor belts, this brand streamlines the car wash process, making our customer’s experience unlike any they’ve ever had. Being a part of this company has allowed Stem and Kibler partnerships to diversify in the community while creating jobs and being a good corporate citizen.” Ryan Kibler | Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchisee

The car wash is scheduled to open to customers in late 2018/early 2019. Visit for more information


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