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Old Globe Mural Restored Downtown

A piece of Jonesboro history is back once again.

The Old Globe Drug Store mural in downtown Jonesboro has finished being restored.

The West End Neighborhood Association fought to restore the painting after it was painted over two years ago.

The mural was originally painted over a 100-years ago.

After nearly 2 months of work, Vince Pearcy was able to uncover and re-paint the mural.

He is hoping seeing the piece will inspire others to think of the city's history.

“Maybe younger people will ask questions. Is this a functioning business? If it’s not when was its functioning business and what was the downtown are like at that time? This drug store was here before 1900, so we wanna keep that memory alive,” said Pearcy.

You can find the mural on the corner of Main and Huntington Avenue in downtown Jonesboro.


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