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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Committee Formed To Redevelop ASU to Downtown Corridor

Driving down Aggie Road from Arkansas State University towards downtown Jonesboro, will show some poor streets, sidewalks, and undeveloped land.

Mayor Perrin has now appointed a 10-person committee to see what it will take to redevelop this corridor between ASU and downtown.

Jonesboro Unlimited’s Mike Downing will be overseeing the committee.

The group will be looking at a variety of information from issues with old plans to current proposals and more.

“We’re looking at property ownership, we’re looking at street issues, and past and current street plans. We’re looking at possibilities of what else might be feasible for the area in the future. So I don’t think we are going to limit ourselves at this point,” said Downing.

By redeveloping some of the old areas between these railroad tracks and Washington Avenue, the committee is hoping to attract more private developers.

“Any kind of redevelopment area like that is a challenge. It’s not the first place the developers look for. And so we need to do something to kick start private investment and that’s what the challenge of the committee is going to be,” added Downing.

The committee will also be taking into consideration the city’s bike and pedestrian plan.

Downing is optimistic about the corridor and the work this committee will do.

“We got phenomenal committee members with different angles on this corridor. I’m looking forward to working with them; it’s a very talented group.”

As of now, the committee does not have a date set for their first meeting.


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