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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

A Sole for Shoes: A look inside a man's passion for fixing shoes

Taking an old shoe and making it seem brand new, that is the passion of Joe Beason.

He is 84-years-old and runs his own shoe repair shop right in his own home.

He decided to open it up after 21-years of shoe factory experience.

“I like messing with shoes. So, I just quit and opened up this one”, said Beason.

Beason opened his shoe repair shop on County Road 114 in Jonesboro back in 1994 after he retired. He’s been working with shoes since he was just 18-years-old, and he plans to keep doing it for as long as he can.

“Sometimes I do a whole bunch, sometimes I do a little. But I’m doing what I enjoy to do, I really like doing it. Hoping I can stay with it until the lord calls him”, said Beason.

He used to work in the old Wolverine World Wide Jonesboro shoe factory, before Wolverine even took over the plant.

“Back when they first made the hush puppy shoe. We in Jonesboro made it for them. The very first Wolverine Hush Puppy and it was pig skin”

Now, he focuses on fixing the soles and heels of leather shoes, and boots.

While it is a hobby for him, his number one goal is to take care of his customers, “Finish as quick as possible, and I don’t rob them, and I try to do the best job I know how. I’m available any time they need me”, said Beason.

There is only one other shoe repair shop besides Beason’s in Jonesboro.

The next closest one isn’t until Memphis.


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