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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

5-Year-Old Martial Arts Master

For Addyson Putt numchucks and breaking boards is an easy task.

She is only five-years-old but, her trainers at ATA Martial Arts in Jonesboro knew from the beginning she had a gift.

“They moved her up a class so with the older kids, where she was going to train with 7, 8, 9, 12 year olds. That helped her a lot, she has a lot of talent”, said Mariela Baez, Program Director at ATA.

Addyson has been training at ATA Karate for 11 months. She already has a state championship and is training for a world competition next month, in Little Rock.

“We have people all over the united states as well from Portugal, Italy, Australia, Brazil come out to compete so she will be competing against some of these girls that have been training really hard”, said Baez.

While her skills come easy, she puts in a lot of work.

Addyson trains every single day.

Sometimes it’s in a group and other times they’re are private lessons.

Her dad, John Putt says Addyson is learning more than just to fight, “just watching her grow and develop. Watching her learn the basic fundamentals of life. Discipline, respect, curtesy and also competition”.

At the end of the day though, her parents just want their daughter to have fun.

“She enjoys it, we want it to be fun for her and not a job. Its been really fun for her. So, we just want her to do her best, you win some and lose some but make friends along the way”, said Addyson’s mother, Shelly Putt.

Addyson is taking her parents’ wishes to have fun to heart.

She loves going to practice every day “we like we have lines and they let us run and play and do jumping jacks. It’s a lot of fun!”, said Addyson.


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