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Memorial for World War II Seaman Glenn Tipson, 76 years after death

After 76 years, the remains of US Navy Seaman First Class Glenn Tipton are returning home to Arkansas. The Randolph County native, who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, will be remembered at a memorial service on June 8 at the Wings of Honor World War II Museum in Walnut Ridge.

Tipton was killed when his ship, the USS Oklahoma, capsized when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. DNA technology enabled the remains to be identified recently, and the US Navy made plans for the sailor to be returned to his family.

Tipton spent much of his childhood in Randolph County, where his father, Bill, served as a teacher at several local schools. Glenn Tipton enlisted in the Navy in 1940 and had advanced to the grade of Seaman First Class by the time he lost his life at Pearl Harbor.


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