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Residents Demand Safety Measures from City After Bike Accident

Residents in Jonesboro's Meadowbrook neighborhood are discussing ways to improve safety in the area. 15-year-old Quinton Tate collided with a pick-up truck while riding his bike at the intersection of Meadowbrook Road and West Washington Avenue Tuesday. Tate was airlifted to a Memphis hospital.

"We just heard a loud boom...and somebody yelling, oh my God, oh my God, and we ran outside." says Meadowbrook resident Lillian Watkins, who was yards away from the accident.

A Jonesboro teacher posted on Facebook that the teen suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, and is believed to be unresponsive. KJNB was unable to confirm those injuries, but did confirm that the teen is still at Regional One Medical Center.

Meadowbrook residents are now demanding that the City of Jonesboro take some action. They're requesting that sidewalks and speedbumps be added to the roads, to make the neighborhood safer for all residents.

Christopher Pettis says that kids that live in the neighborhood are often forced to cut through the grass, and ride their bikes in the street.

"We got children out here who play in these streets...riding their bikes around. And they just want to have fun," says Pettis. "They shouldn't have to look over their shoulder every five minutes when a car comes speeding through."

O.C. Holbrook has been a Meadowbrook resident for four years, and plans to start a safety petition. He says the neighborhood is safe with no major problems, except for speeding drivers.

"We have a lot of kids...especially in the summertime, and they don't have no where else to ride their bikes at," says Holbrook. "I wish we could get some sidewalks up through here, and get some speed bumps. That way it'll stop a lot of these cars from speeding, you know. 'Cause we've got a lot of kids."

Meadowbrook residents ask that changes be made, as soon as possible.

Lillian Watkins explains, "We don't want nothing happening to no more kids...'cause [Monday] was really sad."


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