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ICYMI: Memorial Day Murph Challenge

With some weight on his chest, Michael Holms got ready for a special challenge.

Holms started off his Memorial Day with a workout to honor those who gave their lives for him to have his.

“Sweat and work hard knowing that we can go home and be with our families. When like the person we are honoring today and all the other ones that were lost that can’t”, said Holms.

Dozens of people filled the Natural State Strength & Conditioning Home of Crossfit Natural State gym for their annual Murph Challenge.

The Murph Challenge starts off with a mile run, then participants do 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, and 300 air squats. Then to finish it all off it’s another mile run. The Murph Challenge is in honor of Lt. Michael P. Murphy and can be seen inside gyms across the country.

“Lt. Murphy actually did this I think every single day. Which as a navy seal you have to be in incredible shape and so this is really just a way that we can take a part of what he did on a daily basis to stay strong and fit, so he can defend our country and do it in honor of him”, said Natural State owner, Vanna Headley.

The workout can be painful.

But, that is one of the motivators.

“You have to be able to push past that wall of hurt. When these men in Afghanistan or wherever they are they can’t scale they can’t stop when it hurts. They just have to keep pushing through it”, said participant Mariah Gibson.

The challenge gives participants a chance to reflect on all the sacrifices made while serving this country.

“They don’t quit on us so like I said we can take one day out of the year to not quit during this workout”, said participant Dylan Vangilder.

Natural State sold shirts for the challenge to raise funds to help build the Murphy Navy Seal Museum and Sea Cadet Training Facility.


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