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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Future for Felons Rally Saturday, May 19th.

“An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, chanted minister Ime Elugbe Monday night in the streets of Cedar Heights in Jonesboro.

He’s trying to gather support for his new faith-based group, Future for Felons.

Their mission is to bring changes in the law to protect the rights of anyone who has ever been convicted of a crime.

“Meeting the needs of the less fortunate that’s great! But, equally as important is the justice aspect. The God of love is also the God of justice”, said Elugbe.

He and his wife, Angel Elugbe, started the group almost a year ago.

They were inspired by some of their own experiences.

“Minister Elugbe is a felon and we experienced some discrimination when we began to look for housing”, said Angel Elugbe.

They are focusing on changes that will improve the process of convicts re-entering into society.

“When they look for housing, when they’re trying to obtain a student loan, when they are trying to obtain a job. There’s always that question. You need to check that box of whether or not you have received a felony. Once you do, you’re in a different category”, said Angel Elugbe.

This Saturday, May 19th, Future for Felons, will be having a rally here at the Great Dimensions World Outreach Ministries church in Jonesboro.

The group is hoping to educate and talk with the community about the economic side of mass incarceration.

“When prisons are being built and how much money goes in to it and how companies are profiting off of the building of prisons”, said Ime Elugbe.

There will be two State Representatives attending the rally.

It will be going on from 10:30AM to 2PM.


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