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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Planting Back on Schedule

Like many farmers across Northeast Arkansas, Nick Thompson took advantage of Thursday’s dry weather and hit the field.

Cold and wet weather has been pushing planting season back.

Despite the delays Thompson is still positive.

“It’s gonna be a good year. We gotta stay optimistic. We are pretty resilient. We’ll get it done”, said Thompson.

Thompson has been farming for 15 years.

He currently works for Cache River Valley Seed.

Their general manager Marty Eaton says farmers are doing well with catching up.

“Northeast Arkansas was way ahead of the state for a while but now everybody is kind of caught up. Most people are I’m gonna say we’re 90% planted on rice. So, you know everybody is pulling levy's and finishing up”, said Eaton.

Weather has been switching from rain and sunshine.

Ted Glaub, owner of Glaub Farm Management, says farmers are taking advantage of every dry day.

“If we get a window to plant, we are gonna plant very very rapidly. Then that means that we’ll have to harvest rapidly”, said Glaub.

Farmers in Craighead County are only a couple weeks behind.

As long as future rain stays below an inch, their season should be safe.

Glaub says farmers are doing their best to bring good crops.

He likes to use a certain saying, “I’m a humble servant of mother nature. She deals the cards and I play them the best that I can. The summary of that statement is. By the calendar we are a month behind. But, we might be on schedule for what the weather is this year”.


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