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Arkansas State hands out media awards and scholarships

Arkansas state’s department of communication recognized some of the best and brightest of media hopefuls in our area. More than two hundred and fifty ASU students and faculty gathered for the 2018 convocation of scholars Wednesday evening.

At least a dozen scholarships across communication, media and advertising fields were awarded, across both undergrad and graduate studies. KJNB TV awarded a $6000 to Hope McAlee as part of the station’s scholarship endowment fund. Hope is currently a sophomore studying creative media production.

She is also a field producer for Arkansas State’s tv station.

McAllee told KJNB, “The money is going to pay my tuition. And long term, I’m looking to go into music production. I really enjoy the aspect of audio production, and from the beginning. I’m not sure what field I want to go into with that. But definitely audio recording.”

A-State’s Communication’s Department also recognized outstanding photojournalism students, outstanding Red Wolf Radio broadcasters, and intercollegiate broadcasting system awards.


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