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How to protect your Facebook Data

“A lot of this data was willingly given”, said Susan Beasley, Ritter Communications Director of Information Services.

It’s not a security breach but Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg is calling it a breach of trust.

After the data-sharing scandal of 50 million users to political consulting group, Cambridge Analytica Facebook has release a new privacy update.

Originally privacy and security settings were under nearly 20 different sections. Now all users need to do is go to settings and click on privacy shortcuts.

The update doesn't change the data Facebook collects, but users can now choose which apps can access their data.

Beasley says it is crucial for users to think about the information they’re giving out, "Do you want a company to come in and be able to find out all of your high school information, where you've lived for the last 20 years, your children’s names things like that? Because a lot of those questions you use as privacy questions for your accounts".

Giving away personal information makes it easier for companies to target people.

“They’re gonna figure out you know where you work and what your politics are because they can tell whether you’re conservative? Are you liberal? What things do you like to do? All of that will profile you and then they can target you”, said Beasley.

Beasley says it’s important to remember once something is posted, “it’s out there it’s out there forever”.


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