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  • Alexis Padilla, Northeast Arkansas News

Fast lane to five lanes? The next step for the Harrisburg Road expansion

“I don’t know what the motive is behind the 5 lanes”, said Patti Lack, Jonesboro resident.

With only two lanes, Harrisburg Road in Jonesboro can have its moments of traffic.

Arkansas Department of Transportation and the City of Jonesboro have been working on a plan to widen the road to five lanes.

Lack says this is not the way to fix the issue, “I want the traffic to flow better. But, the five lanes is not the solution to it and that’s why we’re fighting”.

Currently ARDOT only has enough funds to widen the road from parker road to forest hills road.

The city of Jonesboro is looking to move $2 million in their reserve funds to fund the expansion further past Central Baptist Church to the fire station.

“You know the money won’t actually be spent probably until late 2019 early 2020 but we have to go head and get it earmarked so they can do the additional planning”, said Joe Hafner, city council ward 5 member.

ARDOT has the power to do the expansion with or without the city’s funds.

“We all know it as Harrisburg road but it’s actually State Highway 1B. So the state department of transportation they dictate what really goes on, on their streets. I mean we can’t put traffic lights out there if it doesn’t warrant it by their numbers”, said Hafner.

Lack went up to the Finance and Administration Council on Tuesday, March 27th, to go against the current design.

She brought a petition with more than 300 signatures.

Ultimately, the council decided to send the money request to the full city council to vote.

Lack was very upset, “I am truly disappointed right now. We had 312 petitions signed. We had a lot of people here at the council meeting. Now we gotta influence the 12 council members”.

City council will be voting on the Harrisburg road expansion next Tuesday, April 3rd.


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