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Craignhead Landfill Continues Growth and Expansion

Last night we told you that the city of Jonesboro is the 2nd fastest growing metropolitan area in the state of Arkansas. With the population growth comes more trash. The Craighead County landfill is about to top out.

Apartment Owner Dewey Montgomery comes to the county landfill once every three a months. He owns 11 units and constantly is clearing his apartments of property left behind by tenants. Sometimes he is forced to dispose of property other than his renters.

Montgomery says he has an issue with tenants who use his dumpsters to dispose of their furniture. The landfill is free to residents. They just need to figure out a way to get it to the dump.

As the population of Craighead County and Jonesboro continues to grow, the mountain of trash has topped out. Deputy director Angela sparks says that by law , each cell in the landfill is regulated in height by the size of the base.

Sparks says the landfill is so full now that the bigger trucks can't turnaround and are forced to back in to dump their loads.

Starting this July the landfill will begin a planned expansion. The new cell will cost about 1.8 million dollars. It will be built adjacent to the existing mound. Expansion includes a sealed clay base, 30 mm plastic lining and leachate piping to drain liquids for processing.

Stark says spring cleaning has already begun and encourages people in Craighead County to use their facility this weekend. It doesn’t cost Craighead residents a dime. The fees are paid by a long time local sales tax.


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