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KLEK receives large donation from First National Bank

Jonesboro nonprofit radio station KLEK-FM received a donation of almost $26,000 Wednesday from First National Bank that will allow the station to erect a 100-foot tower and widen its listening audience.

Mayor Harold Perrin helped connect the bank with KLEK, knowing the station was holding a fund-raising drive to strengthen its presence in Jonesboro.

“This is touching to me, and I can’t express how grateful I am to First National Bank,” said LaGanzie Kale, KLEK’s manager/owner, who called the event “emotional.”

Perrin told Kale that his work in building the station from scratch, using volunteers and serving not just the minority community but all of Jonesboro, has proven his commitment. KLEK’s current tower is only 40 feet and the signal weakens in some parts of the city.

“You have been an asset to our community, and when you told me about your capital fund drive, I wanted to help you find a donor,” Perrin said. “Will Brewer said, ‘Hey, we’ll do that.’ And it touches my heart.”

Brewer, vice chairman of First Paragould Bank Shares that owns First National, said KLEK was an ideal and deserving recipient.


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